Red Spots On Donald Trump’s Hand In Viral Pic Spark Speculation

Red Spots On Donald Trump's Hand In Viral Pic Spark Speculation

He was photographed on January 17 leaving his Manhattan apartment.

A picture of former United States President Donald Trump recently created a buzz online. The picture showed his hand with red markings when he was photographed on January 17 leaving his Manhattan apartment. Several people on social media made assumptions about the reason behind the red spots.

In the picture, Mr Trump is seen lifting one arm and waving to the crowd. However, red markings were visible on his right index finger, thumb and upper palm. Several people speculated a variety of reasons, from an infection to a rash brought on by his grip on a golf club. 

“What if he just had some nuggs and it’s ketchup,” one user said.

“Let the man enjoy a jelly donut,” commented another person.

A third added, “Looks like a burn to me.”

“Ketchup stains ?” remarked a user.

“Red ink from a stamp, or seal – signature,” stated a person.

Another added, “Frostbite from Iowa”

Now, it has been revealed that the markings were caused by blood from a paper cut, according to a TMZ report. The images of Mr Trump were shared hours later the same day and they showed the marks had vanished.

A month ago, Mr Trump was spotted using “toe pads”, two black rectangular pads under his feet while speaking at Mar-a-Lago, as per a report in the Independent. As people tried to figure out the purpose and meaning of this accessory, several speculations and jokes emerged online.

Several users also shared pictures of the former President leaning forward at press conferences and stated that he is now using “toe pads” to prevent leaning too far. Others remarked that his forward lean may be a sign of a medical problem.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump swept to victory in Iowa’s caucuses — the first vote in the US presidential race — cementing his status as the presumptive Republican standard-bearer to challenge President Joe Biden in November’s election.

The former president has led polling for more than a year, but the Iowa contest was seen as the clearest insight yet into whether he can convert his advantage into a stunning White House return.

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