Shikhar Dhawan Opens Up About His Emotional Post For Son Zoravar, “Wrote It With A Hope”

Shikhar Dhawan Opens Up About His Emotional Post For Son Zoravar, 'Wrote It With A Hope'

On December 26, Mr Dhawan wrote a heartful note on his son’s birthday.

Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan has shared that he penned the emotional post on his son Zoravar’s birthday with the hope that his son would eventually come across and read it. On December 26, Mr Dhawan wrote a heartful note on his son’s birthday. 

“I was not in pain. I was just expressing my thoughts. It has been five months since I have spoken to him, I was just expressing emotions. I am an emotional guy and I was just trying to send love to him, because If I were sad while thinking about him that negative energy will get him,” he said on a podcast with Humans of Bombay.

“I never realized that this post would go viral. I just wrote it from my heart. I wrote it with the hope that in an era of technology, my son might end up reading my post,” he said.

“Wherever he is, I hope he is happy hopefully one day he will come and see me. I am in love with him but at the same time, I am also detached. I don’t want to push him.

“I write messages to him every day, I don’t know whether he is receiving those or not, whether he is reading it or not. I don’t have any expectations. I have accepted it. I am a father and I am trying to do my duty. I miss him, I feel sad but I have learnt to live with it,” he said.

Mr Dhawan also revealed how he used to meet his son after being separated from his wife. He shared that he used to travel to Australia to meet his son. 

“When I used to go and meet him, he was allowed to meet only twice that too only for two to three hours. I want my son to be around me. I want to hug him,” he said.

Mr Dhawan posted a picture with his son and conveyed his birthday wishes in the caption. In an emotional social media post on Instagram, Dhawan even claimed that he has been blocked from all virtual platforms through which he could connect to his son. 

“It’s been a year since I saw you in person, and now, for almost three months, I’ve been blocked from everywhere so Posting the same picture to wish you, my boy, a very Happy Birthday,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Even if I can’t connect with you directly, I connect with you through Telepathy. I am so proud of you, and I know you’re doing great and growing up nicely.

“Papa always misses you and loves you. He’s always positive, waiting with a smile for the time when we will meet again by the Grace of God. Be naughty but not destructive, be a giver, be humble, compassionate, patient, and strong.

“Despite not seeing you, I write you messages almost every day, asking about your well-being and daily life, sharing what I’m doing and what’s new in my life. Love you loads Zora, Papa.”

In October this year, a Delhi court granted divorce to Shikhar Dhawan on grounds of “cruelty” inflicted on the famous Indian cricketer by his estranged wife Aesha Dhawan.

The court also granted mandatory visitation rights to Dhawan to meet his son in India and Australia. It also ordered Aesha to bring their son to India for visitation purposes including overnight stays with Dhawan and his family and during the school holidays. But, it seems like Dhawan isn’t even able to connect to his son virtually, let alone meet in person.

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