Shiv Aroor’s take on the release of 8 Indian Navy veterans by Qatar


Modi government’s meek surrender has exposed their tall claims of making India a Vishwaguru. Modi’s 56-inch chest has shattered against the wall of the state of Qatar. Vishwaguru hasn’t been able to get them released for over a year. Vishwaguru has been totally exposed by a tiny Arab country, which has imprisoned eight Indian Navy veterans. We are Vishwaguru only in name. Modi has boasted how much Islamic countries love him and now our Indian Navy personnel are facing death row. How did our friendly relations with a once friendly nation go so bad and our diplomatic might so ineffective beyond soundbites? Either the Modi government’s diplomatic clout is astonishing low or it is or it just doesn’t care. Godi media will not discuss this because it dents Vishwaguru’s image. What good is G20 presidency and Vishwaguru stuff if Indians can be targeted so easily while abroad? Prime Minister Modi was told that Qatar is his second home no? Viewers, these were the kinds of brainless brain dead taunts emanating from India’s famously fake liberal ecosystem fully enjoying India’s international discomfiture over the arrest and subsequent death sentence to eight Indian Navy veterans on charges of spying while professionally employed in Qatar.

Hundreds of tweets, scores of social media posts, multiple YouTube videos sneering and jeering at the Indian government for allegedly failing to secure the release of the Indian prisoners in Qatar. Well, after being sentenced to death a few months ago, all eight men were released today. Completely released and most of them are already back in India. Their freedom secured in total with no sword hanging over their heads. But you won’t hear the fake liberal ecosystem say anything at all today. They will be deafeningly silent and it always makes me wonder how bloodless, how soulless, how totally devoid of honour their methodology really is.


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