Sneak Peek Into Ram Mandir Complex

'Outer Wall, 6 Temples, 2 Idols': Sneak Peek Into Ram Mandir Complex

Ram temple: Devotees will first cross an outer wall that surrounds the main structures.


Five structures and the sanctum sanctorum are on the ground floor of the Ram temple complex in Ayodhya, where the ‘Pran Pratistha’ ceremony will be held to mark its grand opening tomorrow.

In a conversation with NDTV, Shri Ram Mandir Construction Committee chairperson Nripendra Mishra narrates how the devotees will find their way to the main idol in the temple area spread over 2.7 acres.

Devotees will first cross an outer wall that surrounds the main structures. The 795-metre ‘parkota’ will have five temples and garv gruha (sanctum sanctorum) inside, which will have the main idol and allow devotees to do parikrama, said Mr Mishra.

“Right in front of the garv gruha, there are five mandaps in the temple and the total length of the temple from the garv gruha to the first stair point is roughly about 400 feet,” added the Ram temple panel chief.

Mr Mishra had earlier claimed the temple was designed to last over a thousand years. No iron or steel has been used for its construction.

He said electronic sensors have been placed in the temple’s foundation to find out if there’s any impact on its stones due to earthquake.

“These sensors will convey if any movement in stones or external factors like an earthquake has any impact on the temple. This is being studied regularly by Larsen & Toubro (construction firm). They will continue for a few years on a contract basis,” said Mr Mishra.

The sensory reports are forwarded to the Central Building Research Institute in Roorkee, which carries out research on construction solutions, he added.

The idol of Ram Lalla, or the child Ram, will be in the garv gruha on the ground floor of the temple complex. This portion of the temple is completed, said Mr Mishra, clarifying the doubts on the progress of the temple’s construction.

The portion where construction is still going on is the first floor that will house the Ram Darbar. Here, the idol of King Ram will be accompanied by Sita, his brothers, and Hanuman, he added.

The second floor will host religious observances approved by the temple trust.

There will be two Ram Lalla idols in the garv gruha – the main black stone idol and the one that is being worshipped in the temporary temple.

The idol that is “believed to have appeared in 1947” will be moved to the new temple this evening, he said.

Decorations are in full swing at the Ayodhya temple for tomorrow’s ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony that will be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a host of prominent personalities from across the country.

About 500 volunteers are working day and night to help the temple trust’s general secretary Champat Rai in organizing the event, said Mr Mishra.

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