“Spirit Of Cricket? Yet Again, I Am Sorry”: R Ashwin’s Million-Dollar Take On 3rd T20I Controversy

The 3rd T20I between India and Afghanistan was full of runs, epic moments in the field, and controversy-filled drama. In the first Super Over of the match, India captain Rohit Sharma fumed at Afghanistan veteran Mohammad Nabi seeing the latter decided to take an extra double after a throw from wicket-keeper Sanju Samson hit him and deflected. Rohit wasn’t happy seeing Nabi take advantage of the deflected throw, bringing the sportsmanship angle. However, veteran India spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has an intriguing take on the matter.

Ashwin, who has been unofficially given the title of the sport’s sportsmanship custodian, has often sided with the rules of the game, especially when it comes to the non-striker’s run-out.

This time, however, Ashwin donned the hat of an Indian fan as well as he brought forth all angles to the debate.

“There are two sides to this story. If we are the affected party on the field, we will get very irritated with whatever happens. We would say we might not have done this if we were on the field. That is our personal opinion and view,” Ashwin said in a video on his YouTube channel.

“As an Indian cricket fan I can say this – tomorrow, if we are facing a Super Over in a World Cup knockout match, it is two runs to win off one ball and the wicketkeeper’s throw deflects off our glove, we will also run. How can a player not run?,” he added.

As an avid student of the game, Ashwin doesn’t feel the batter did anything wrong in taking those extra couple of runs. He drew similarities between the situation where a batter gets leg byes or byes while facing a bowler and the much-debated incident in the 3rd T20I.

“A simple explanation for this will suffice. A bowler is bowling just to pick your wicket. If you hit that ball then you can score a run. When the ball hits the pads, it’s a leg bye. When it doesn’t meet your body, and the keeper leaves it, it is a bye. When the ball goes wide off the crease, it is wide. When the bowler outstretches the leg, it is no-ball. All these happens when the bowler is trying to take someone’s wicket and the run comes off the delivery. In the same way, when a fielder throws, why do they do it? To get you run out I am running, that throw deflects off me, I am within my right to run. Spirit of cricket? Yet again, I’m sorry,” he said.

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