US threatens sanctions to tear New Delhi from Moscow: Russian envoy to India


Russia’s envoy to India, Denis Alipov said the West spares no effort to undermine dialogue between New Delhi and Moscow, adding that the US is “pursuing the goal of tearing” the two nations apart. He noted Russia and India have “maintained a robust strategic partnership, rooted in historical ties and shared interests, over decades”.

“In India, Russia enjoys a solid reputation as a reliable, sincere, well-intentioned, time-tested friend,” the envoy said in an interview with Russia’s RT News.

He went on to claim that Russia has “never conditioned cooperation on politics, not interfered in domestic affairs, and always maintained mutually respectful and trusted relationships” unlike the West.

The envoy further said that US officials “do not hesitate to directly state that they are pursuing the goal of tearing New Delhi away from Moscow. They are even making threats with secondary sanctions”.

Due to this, he said, “some Indian partners are forced to exercise caution”, and there is also a “significant number of those for whom such an approach is unacceptable”.

Alipov said last year, bilateral ties between Russia and India “transformed qualitatively”, and predicted further positive developments in 2024 also.

“Our ties continue to steadily expand in a wide range of areas according to our converging national interests… Our trade and economic cooperation has reached an unprecedented level,” he noted.

The envoy also said that focused efforts are being made to find new ways of banking and insurance coverage; alternative logistics routes; and the prospect of an early conclusion of a free trade agreement between the Eurasian Economic Union and India.

On defence cooperation between the two countries, Alipov said that it “not only remains successful, but also unmatched”.

“India is diversifying its purchases, and the share of other foreign partners in the Indian market is steadily increasing. However, the Russian segment remains dominant, at least at 50 per cent,” he stressed.

Alipov further said that “we have long adopted technology transfer and the practice of creating joint ventures, which apply, in particular, to Su-30MKI fighters, T-90 tanks, and AK-203 assault rifles”.

“The BrahMos supersonic cruise missile is a matter of pride, whose characteristics are constantly improved.”

He also stressed that “our collaboration is highly aligned with India’s Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat localisation initiatives”.

On a lighter note, Alipov said he was comfortable with the traffic in Moscow as well as New Delhi, and that he was “fond of Mughlai cuisine”

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Karishma Saurabh Kalita

Published On:

Feb 11, 2024


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