Vande Bharat train runs over cattle, stops on way to Punjab

A Vande Bharat train going from Delhi to Punjab was abruptly stopped on Monday after it ran over a cattle, the Railways has said.

The incident happened at around 4.45 pm near Kurukshetra where the train suddenly stopped. The passengers said they felt “tremor-like vibrations” and the window panes of one of the coaches were also cracked.

In a statement, Deepak Kumar, Chief Public Relations Office of Northern Railways, said, “Initial reports suggest a cattle run over in Kurukshetra. The train put a sudden break because of a cattle run-over incident resulting in a pressure drop and therefore the glass broke.”

Once the train reaches Ambala it will be further checked, the statement added.

Further investigation is underway.

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Rishabh Sharma

Published On:

Jan 15, 2024

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