Video Showing Making Of Amritsari Wadiyan In Unhygienic Way Angers Internet

Watch: Video Showing Making Of Amritsari Wadiyan In Unhygienic Way Angers Internet

The video shows making of Amritsari wadiyan in factory. (Image Credit: Instagram/@foodiesfab_india)

Amritsari Wadiyan is renowned for its exquisite taste. The delicacy is broken into small pieces, sauteed in oil, and incorporated into various dishes, often alongside vegetables. Desi food enthusiasts worldwide hold this delight in high regard. However, are you familiar with the process of making wadiyan? If not, a recent Instagram video unveils the procedure. Unfortunately, after viewing the video, the foodie community on the internet expresses dissatisfaction due to the unhygienic environment. How do we know? Well, there have been numerous reactions such as “filthy,” “unhygienic,” “gross,” and “dirty.”
The video showcases multiple instances revealing unhygienic practices during the production of Amritsari Wadiyan. The dough is kneaded using an old, rustic, and visibly unclean machine. Moreover, individuals shape small wadiyan out of the dough with bare hands. Before being placed in the large oven, the wadiyan are left uncovered on the roof. Additionally, the footage depicts people mixing masalas into the dough with bare hands, using unclean utensils, and individuals walking barefoot on the floor where the dough is being blended with spices. Take a look at the video below:
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The unsanitary practices depicted in the video have raised concerns among viewers. One user questioned, “Is this food meant for feeding cows?” Another expressed, “The way these foods are prepared is harmful to health. I believe not even animals should consume it, as there is a risk of contamination leading to death.” A comment remarked, “These filthy practices are unfortunately common among these people.” Someone shared their disbelief, stating, “How can people eat this food on the floor with feet in it? I can’t believe this.” Another comment read, “Gastronomy has just died.” Several questioned, “Do they not believe in using tables?” One person commented on the condition, saying, “Footprints, sand, rust from the machine, and dust – all these marks are well noted. Well done.”

Would you consider eating Amritsari Wadiyan after watching this video? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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