What will be PM Modi’s legacy? Mood of the Nation says this

This edition of Mood of the Nation survey sheds light on fascinating insights about Brand Modi, the performance of the Modi government and people’s perception about the performance of INDIA bloc. In this edition, we reveal the findings of these questions: What is it that Modi will be most remembered for? Who is best suited to succeed Modi as PM? Who is best suited to be next PM? Can India bloc defeat NDA? Who is best suited to lead INDIA? And much more.

So, watch the Mood of the Nation’s February 2024 edition, which is based on a survey of 35,801 respondents in all Lok Sabha seats. The poll was conducted between December 15, 2023 and January 28, 2024, and hence, doesn’t take into account the recent political developments in the last few weeks and consequent changes in alliance arithmetic.

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