When A Chicken Got “Security Cover” In Punjab

When A Chicken Got 'Security Cover' In Punjab

A fight among chickens was organised in the Balluana village of Bhatinda.


A case of animal cruelty has come to light in Punjab’s Bhatinda today, where the cops saved the life of a chicken from a rooster fight organised in the village and are now providing security cover to it. 

The chicken was injured and has been sent to a hospital. The police have registered a case against three people.

A fight among chickens was organised in the Baluana village of Bhatinda and around 200 people were part of it, police official Nirmal Singh said. “We received information about the event and reached the spot. Everyone managed to flee but we found two chickens and a person,” he added. The police said they were informed that the organisers were “troubling the animals”.

The injured bird has been given a security cover and medical and food aid is being provided. A case has been filed against three people and 11 trophies have been recovered as well, Mr Singh said.

The police have filed a case under the Animal Cruelty Act against the accused and one of the culprits, Rajvinder has been arrested but he later secured bail. The other accused named in the case are on the run.

The rooster, the victim in the case, is also an evidence the cops said would be used against the accused in court. The police said that the recovery of trophies suggests that a competition was organized though they did not recover from the spot during the raid.  “As and when the court instructs us, we will produce the rooster in the court,” Nirmal Singh said.

Since the Punjab police have taken the chicken in their possession, they have to take it to every court appearance and take care of it as their own.

For now, the police have left this chicken with someone they have. If kept in the police station, it would be lonely, therefore, a caretaker has been given the responsibility to look after the chicken. However, to ensure that the chicken does not suffer any harm, the police said they are inquiring about its well-being by making personal visits.

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