When Shah Rukh Khan Played Garba With Dunki Co-Star Deven Bhojani’s Wife: “It Was Really Cute”

When Shah Rukh Khan Played Garba With Dunki Co-Star Deven Bhojani's Wife: 'It Was Really Cute'

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New Delhi:

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai star Deven Bhojani, who was recently seen in the Rajkumar Hirani directorial Dunki, opened up about his experience of working with Shah Rukh Khan. In a chat with YouTuber Subhojit Ghosh, actor Deven Bhojani said that Shah Rukh remembered him from thirty years ago and greeted him warmly on the sets of Dunki. He said, “He met me so warmly now. I was a little hesitant. I was thinking so many years have passed now and he is such a huge star. We spoke about those old days.” Deven Bhojani further added, “Earlier, I used to call him Shah Rukh and he called me Deven. On the second day, when we met for the shoot, he started calling me Deven sir. I asked him, ‘Why are you calling me sir?’ He said, ‘The whole unit is calling you Deven sir, I’m the only one who is calling you Deven.’ I said we are of the same age almost plus we have this old equation, you need not call me Deven sir.”

In another incident, the Baa Bahu Aur Baby actor talked about a party hosted by Shah Rukh Khan and his wife. Calling the host a “”gracious host,” Deven said, “Shah Rukh called a few of us actors, and technicians for a party. My wife was there with me. We were not very keen because we are not very party people. but he insisted a lot. He was such a good host. We are vegetarians so he really took care of us with different kinds of food.”

He continued, “when a Bollywood garba song came on, Shah Rukh came up to him and asked his permission to dance with his wife. He asked me, ‘Sir, is it okay if I dance with your wife if you don’t mind?’ He danced with my wife. She was feeling shy but she danced. It was really cute. When you are such a big star and behaving in such a down-to-earth way, it is something to learn from.”

Prior to Dunki, Deven Bhojani was seen in Scoop and Taaza Khabar.

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