Woman Cooks Pasta Right On The Beach, Method Leaves Internet In Disbelief

Viral Now: Woman Uses Ocean Water To Cook Pasta On The Beach, Internet In Disbelief

A viral video shows a woman making pasta on a beach (Photo Credit: Instagram/ averycyrus)

Many of us love spending a day at the beach with our favourite foods. While some prefer indulging in packaged treats, others like to prepare their special dishes at home and bring them along. Recently, a content creator, Avery Cyrus, decided to opt for a third alternative – making a dish from scratch at the beach. And we don’t mean in a sheltered kitchen at a nearby restaurant or house. She is seen making pasta over a makeshift fire right on the beach and a video of her preparation has since gone viral. The reel has almost 18 million views on Instagram so far.

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The video begins with Avery tossing some wood to get the fire started. On what appears to be a chopping board, she places some flour, creates a well, and cracks two eggs into it. Following that, she kneads the mixture into a dough. For the sauce, she melts some butter in a pan and adds chopped garlic, cream, grated Parmesan cheese, as well as some cheese cubes. After cooking the sauce, she set it aside. Next, she rushes to the ocean and collects water in the pan to boil the pasta. Rolling out the dough and cutting it into noodle-like strings, she apparently proceeds to boil them in seawater. Once the pasta is cooked, she combines it with the sauce, sprinkling some basil on top, and enjoys the dish while gazing at the sunset.

Take a look at the video below:

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In the comments, many people have expressed concern about the use of ocean water while making the dish. Some think that it is just a stunt for prank, but others seem genuinely taken aback. Some people liked the overall idea, but the ocean water was a problem. A few Instagram users have also made jokes about the same. Additionally, people were worried about sand getting into the dish while cooking. Read some of the reactions below. 

 “It’s finally nice to see a video with properly seasoned water for boiling pasta.”

“Make it taste like the ocean.”

“I hope you didn’t use that water.”

“You didn’t use the ocean did you?”

“Pasta seasoned with beach.”

“You brought a pan and flour and eggs but couldn’t bring a bottle of water?”

“In Hawaii, you could use the ocean water. But I’m pretty sure wherever this was that’s a bad idea.”

“‘What are we eating for dinner?’ Her: ‘Ocean del linguine’.”

“Flour on the beach is an absolutely insane idea, Avery. I can’t support this.”

“Add some sand *thank you wind.”

 “All I can think of is grits of sand in my teeth.”

What did you think of this viral video? Let us know in the comments below.

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