“Would You Have A Baby At 50?” Women Engage In Furious Debate Online

'Would You Have A Baby At 50?' Women Engage In Furious Debate Online

The controversial question triggered mixed reactions from the netizens

Women took to the British parenting platform ‘Mumsnet’ to ask if others would consider becoming a parent at an older age. The controversial question triggered mixed reactions from the netizens. Many users said they would consider it, while others said it is not fair to the child. 

The post read, “Would you have a baby at 50? Off the back of the “Do you regret having a baby at 40?” thread, would you have a child at 50 assuming you can provide for it emotionally and financially? Medical assistance would be needed.”

A section of the internet said they would consider having a baby in their 50s but suggested having a teenager in their 60s would be weird. 

A user wrote, “At 50, yeah at 54 no. I’d like a grandchild though.” 

Another user wrote, “Yes, I would. I spent my 30s having unsuccessful fertility treatment. Went into menopause late 30s and thought eventually with my hormones changing I would lose the yearning to be a mother, but that hasn’t changed. I’m mid 40s now and I yearn for it more than ever. So yes, if it was possible, I would have a baby at 50. Unless you’ve experienced the bitter painful grief of childlessness not by choice I don’t think you could empathise with those who continue to pursue motherhood at a late age.”

The third user said that she had a child at 40 and would have another at 50 if she “desperately wanted one” unless there “was a family history of ill health and early death.” 

She added, “I don’t sit around or lie in bed late, I consider myself fairly energetic, the majority of my friends are younger than me,’ she explained. ‘I need less sleep than I used to. I’m financially stable, so could afford to have time off/ go part-time.
I would be carefully monitoring the pregnancy though and having all the tests available.”

However, some people did not like the idea of having a child at 50.

“Baby at 50? Probably fine. Toddler mid-50s? No thanks. Parenting a teenager in the late 60s? Hell no,” a user wrote. 

“No. I wouldn’t have had one past 35, never mind 50. I think at 50, it’s selfish and not in a child’s best interests. I imagine parenting a toddler at 50+ and a teen when you’re heading towards 70 would be difficult for the parent and the child,” another user commented.

“I had babies at 37 and 41. I had fertility issues, which is why I ended up having them later. In both pregnancies, I felt great and had no issues (I was high risk but that wasn’t age-related and was managed). No way I’d have a baby at 50 though! The thought of returning to square one with a baby fills me with horror. ‘I’m so much more tired than I used to be and no doubt heading towards perimenopause now that I’m almost 44. My focus is on achieving a level of financial stability that means I can support the two DCs I do have through key milestones – university, house, and wedding. Also on being as healthy as I can be to minimize the risk of ill health in later life.,” the third user shared. 



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