Zerodha’s Nikhil Kamath Shares Video Of A “Hidden Beach” In Udupi Amid Maldives Row

Zerodha's Nikhil Kamath Shares Video Of A 'Hidden Beach' In Udupi Amid Maldives Row

Mr Kamath praised the serene and pristine nature of these coastal havens

Nikhil Kamath, Zerodha’s co-founder, offered a sneak peek into an undiscovered coastal gem close to his hometown in Udupi, Karnataka, shedding light on India’s frequently neglected yet stunning beaches. Mr Kamath praised the serene and pristine nature of these coastal havens, highlighting a notable distinction from the bustling and frequently crowded beaches in the western regions.

In contrast to well-known tourist spots such as Bali and Thailand, where beaches often suffer from overcrowding and pollution, the Udupi beach offers a tranquil retreat from such chaos. Mr Kamath emphasized the lack of large crowds, hectic scenes, and the disheartening sight of litter commonly found on international beaches.

Mr Kamath wrote on X, “India has some spectacular hidden beaches, this one is near my hometown in Udupi. Unlike beaches in the west, no crowds/chaos (game-changer this), no trash-filled beaches like Bali and Thailand right now, plus Mangi food is mindblowing. Also no expensive seaplanes, boat rides, immigration, visas or waiting in lines at international airports.”

Mr Kamath’s post comes amidst a diplomatic tiff between India and the Maldives concerning Lakshadweep. 

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Mr Kamath’s post soon went viral and people flooded the comments with enquiries about the beach’s location and how to visit it. Numerous users were thrilled to explore new beach destinations, others took the opportunity to share their secret beach spots across India. 

A user wrote, “The absence of crowds and chaos paints a compelling picture of the potential for mindful tourism. Can we strike a balance between exploration and conservation to ensure these hidden paradises remain untouched?”

Another user wrote on X, “Let’s not forget the great mutton and prawn ghee roasts with neer dose! I love coastal Karnataka.”

“There are so many unexplored and beautiful places in India that are waiting to be found…the only bad thing about this is that once a place gets popular it gets too crowded and dirty,” the third user wrote. 

“Udupi is the best-kept secret of India. Amazing place. Spectacular beaches. Cultural hotspots. Great food. And it’s quite affordable compared to places like Goa,” the fourth user commented. 

“The whole coastal Karnataka belt is beautiful and serene with tonnes of historic temples around,” the fifth user wrote. 

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