5 Manipuri children rescued from Maharashtra school, one had air gun injury

Five children from Manipur were rescued from a school in Nashik in Maharashtra, where they were allegedly subjected to torture and harassment. According to officials, one of the children suffered an air gun injury.

The children had been taken to Maharashtra with a promise of free education and were allegedly tortured and harassed by members of the newly admitted schools.

The children were rescued after their parents, learning about the harsh conditions at the school, raised the matter with the authorities, N Uttam Singh, Director of the Social Welfare Department under the Manipur government, said.

The officer said that prompt action was taken by the department. The Manipur government requested the Commissioner of Social Welfare in Maharashtra to rescue the five identified children and investigate the conditions of others enrolled under similar promises.

Subsequently, officials of the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) in Nashik rescued the five children on February 3 and reported their traumatic experiences, including an air gun injury suffered by a child.

An immediate inspection of Shri Swami Narayan English Medium School was launched to address concerns of child harassment, Uttam Singh said.

The rescued children were handed over to representatives of the Manipur Social Welfare Department on February 8.

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Feb 10, 2024

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