Ramdev After “I’m Brahmin” Video Sparks Row

'I Said Owaisi, Not OBC': Ramdev After 'I'm Brahmin' Video Sparks Row

After the video went viral, many on social media protested using ‘#boycottpatanjali’.

New Delhi:

Yoga guru Ramdev found himself at the centre of controversy following a viral video where he seemed to make remarks against Other Backward Classes (OBC). Mr Ramdev, however, came forward to clarify that his comments were directed at AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi and not intended to insult the OBC community.

The video, widely circulated on social media, sparked outrage as it suggested that Mr Ramdev had demeaned the OBC community by asserting his Brahmin identity. Responding to media queries, Mr Ramdev insisted that his statement had been misconstrued and misheard.

“I said ‘Owaisi’ and not ‘OBC.’ His (Owaisi’s) predecessors were anti-nationals. I don’t take him seriously,” Ramdev said.

While the video in question could not be independently verified by NDTV, it allegedly shows Mr Ramdev proclaiming his Brahmin identity and listing various Brahmin gotras, including “Agnihotri Brahmin”.

The yoga guru explained, “My original gotra is Brahma gotra. I am an Agnihotri Brahman. People say babaji is OBC…I am a Vedi Brahmin, Dwivedi Brahmin, Trivedi Brahmin, Chaturvedi Brahmin – I have read four Vedas.”

After the video went viral, many on social media protested using ‘#boycottpatanjali’ and criticsed RMr amdev for his purported insult to the backward community. 

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