Rat menace at Kanpur hospital disrupts medical services, patients queue for checkups

Various equipment at a hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur were destroyed by rats, disrupting medical facilities.

According to reports, rats at Ursula Hospital in Kanpur have led to a malfunction in a digital X-ray machine, which cost nearly Rs 25 lakh, after which the patients and their relatives faced serious difficulties in receiving proper treatment facilities.

Though the hospital authorities said they reached out to a maintenance company to address the issue, the rat menace could not be resolved.

Following the issue, the hospital authorities said they were managing patients with just one X-ray machine.

They said the digital X-ray machine earlier used to check up over two hundred patients on a daily basis.

The director of the hospital said they had faced similar challenges in the past when rats had damaged other medical equipment.

Meanwhile, precautionary measures, such as installing mesh near windows and doors, were being implemented to deal with the rodent menace.

Published By:

Vani Mehrotra

Published On:

Feb 10, 2024

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