Super Bowl 2024: Chiefs v 49ers – UK start time, half-time show, how to follow on BBC & will Taylor Swift be there?

Some called last year’s big game the Kelce Bowl as it was the first Super Bowl to feature brothers on opposing teams.

Jason and Travis Kelce expected a media circus during Super Bowl week, but it was nothing compared to what Travis has experienced since his relationship with Taylor Swift became public when she attended her first Chiefs game on 24 September.

The NFL and broadcasters have embraced the extra attention Swift’s presence has brought to the league, although perhaps it has gone to Jason’s head.

With his Philadelphia Eagles having been knocked out of the play-offs, Jason met his younger brother’s new girlfriend for the first time at Kansas City’s game in a freezing Buffalo and celebrated a Travis touchdown by taking his shirt off, jumping into the crowd and chugging a beer with the Bills fans.

Now fans are wondering if they will both be at Super Bowl 58, in particular Swift as she is playing a concert in Tokyo the night before. Even the Japanese Embassy has got involved,, external saying that given Tokyo is 17 hours behind Vegas and it’s a 12-hour flight, “she should comfortably” arrive in time.

As for whether Jason manages to keep his shirt on, that’s anyone’s guess.

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