Why BJP struggles in South and Congress in Hindi heartland states? Experts discuss on Preeti Choudhry’s show

On today’s episode of “To The Point” with Preeti Choudhry, the panellists engaged in a riveting discussion about the electoral dynamics in India, focusing on the BJP’s challenges in the South and the Congress party’s struggles in the Hindi heartland states.

Aishwarya Mahadev, Guruprakash Paswan, and political analyst Ashutosh provided their insights into these regional political trends.

The conversation delved into the reasons behind the BJP’s inability to secure a strong voter base in the southern states, despite their widespread success elsewhere. The panellists explored cultural, linguistic, and historical factors that contribute to the BJP’s limited appeal in the South. They also discussed the party’s strategies and whether they need to tailor their approach to resonate better with southern voters.

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